Admission to S.I.S. Academy implies on the part of the pupil and parents willingness to comply with the requirements, rules and regulations of the school. Which are as follows :

  1. School Uniform
    1. All students must come to school clean and tidy.
    2. Students esp., the girls are not to wear/bring ornaments to school and are forbidden to use make up. (lipstick, mehandi, nail polish etc.)
    3. On class days and school functions, the students must wear the uniform prescribed for the season failing which they may be excluded from the class or even sent home. However, in exceptional circumstances a student unable to wear complete school uniform would be allowed to attend the school provided a request is made by the parent through the School Diary.
    4. All the photographs to be used for school purpose or to be attested by the school should be taken in the school uniform, preferably winter uniform. Students without uniform will be fined Rs. 5/- (Rs. Five) per day.
  2. School property and belongings :
    1. Care must be taken of the school property. Students must not scratch or spoil the furniture, write on the walls or in anyway damage what is provided for their use.
    2. Any damage to school property will be fully made good by the offending child. In addition, strict action from minimum Rs. 500/- fine to rustication from the School will have to be faced by the student.
  3. General Rules for Students :-
    1. Irregular attendance, negligence of home work, disobedience or disrespect towards the staff members or bad moral influence will lead to serious Disciplinary Action.
    2. Students are strictly forbidden from leaving the school premises or playground during the school hours. Permission to do so will be granted ony by the Principal. Parents are strictly advised not to send their wards to school in case of illness or any other cause. Rather than pleading for a half day later on. As, this disturbs the decorum and discipline of the entire school.
    3. Be courteous and respectful to parents, teachers, visitors and class-mates.
    4. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.
    5. It is not advisable for students to bring/exchange valuables or money.
    6. Video games, transistor radios, tape recorders, mobile phones, gold chains are not allowed in the school. If any student found in possession of all/any of these gadgets, a heavy fine will be imposed on him/her, and that may lead to his/her rustication from school.
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